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Description and Location

Enerdu Power Systems Inc. is proposing the construction and redevelopment of the existing Enerdu hydroelectric generation station (GS) on the Mississippi River at 11 Main Street in the Town of Mississippi Mills (Almonte), Ontario.  The proposed undertaking is subject to the Class Environmental Assessment for Waterpower Projects (Class EA) as a project associated with existing infrastructure. Relevant project documents and contact information for the Project Coordinator can be found below.

Project Updates

Final Heritage Impact Assessment Report (July 2014)

Thank you to all parties who have submitted comments on the draft Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA) report for the Enerdu GS Expansion and Redevelopment Project.  On behalf of Enerdu Power Systems, we are pleased to inform you that the final HIA report is now available for download.

Hard copies of the final HIA report have also been deposited at the Town of Mississippi Mills, with the request that they be made available to the public at the municipal office, the Mississippi Mills Public Library and the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum.

Thank you for your participation in this planning process.

Click here to download the Final Heritage Impact Assessment report (PDF)


Draft Heritage Impact Assessment report (May 2014)

The Draft Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA) report for the Enerdu GS expansion and redevelopment project is now available for public review and comment. Enerdu must receive all comments in writing no later than 11:59 p.m. on June 18, 2014. Please direct any inquiries, comments or requests to:

Ms. Muriel Kim
BluMetric Environmental Inc.
3108 Carp Road, PO Box 430
Ottawa, ON, K0A 1L0
613.839.3053, ext. 261

Ms. Julie Harris
Contentworks Inc.
120 Sunnyside Avenue
Ottawa, ON, K1S 0R1

Hard copies may be found during the review period at the Mississippi Mills Public Library (155 High Street, Almonte).

Following the receipt of all review comments, a revised, Final HIA report will be submitted to the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport, which will document how all comments received were considered. Further details on the HIA can be found in the Notice of Opportunity to Comment, linked below.



Consolidated Response to Public Concerns (March 2013)

Throughout the review period of the Environmental Report for the proposed Enerdu project, the proponent and environmental assessment team received a number of comments from public interest groups, industry and private citizens.

Due to the substantial amount of overlap among the comments we received, we opted to issue a consolidated response to all comments for which we have not already issued a formal response.


December 17, 2012

The Notice of Completion and the final Environmental Report for the proposed Enerdu GS expansion and redevelopment are now available for review.  Links to the documentation are provided below.  Printed copies of the Environmental Report can also be viewed at:

  • Town of Mississippi Mills municipal office
  • Mississippi Mills Public Library (Almonte branch and Pakenham branch)
  • Almonte Post Office

Environmental Report – downloadable files:




December 4, 2012

BluMetric Environmental Inc. (formerly known as OEL-HydroSys Inc.) and Enerdu Power Systems Inc. are currently finalizing the Environmental Report for the proposed expansion and redevelopment of the Enerdu Generating Station (GS) on the Mississippi River in the Town of Mississippi Mills (Almonte).

The Environmental Report will be available for public review in December, 2012; printed copies will be made available at select locations in the Town of Mississippi Mills, and an electronic version will be available for download on the BluMetric website (

Based on feedback provided to the proponent and the project team throughout the public consultation process, adjustments were made to the proposed project components and construction schedule.  Final adjustments are currently being incorporated into the proposed construction activities presented in the report, in order to accommodate the preferences and concerns of the community to the greatest extent possible.  The Notice of Completion will be issued as soon as the final internal review of the document is completed, marking the beginning of the review period of the Environmental Report.

In recognition of the limited availability of many individuals during the holiday season, the review period during which the report can be viewed and comments submitted will be extended beyond the minimum required 30 days.  The length of the review period will be confirmed shortly before or at the time of release of the Notice of Completion.

For any additional information on the project, or to raise any issues or concerns, please contact:

Ms. Muriel Kim
Environmental Scientist

BluMetric Environmental Inc.
3108 Carp Road, PO Box 430
Ottawa, ON  K0A 1L0
613.839.3053 ext. 261


October 29, 2012

The Notice of Completion for the proposed Enerdu GS expansion and redevelopment will be released in November, 2012.  Both hard and electronic copies of the Environmental Report (ER), prepared as required under the Class EA, will be available for a minimum 30-day review period.  Details on accessing the report and submitting comments will be provided in the Notice of Completion.


21 June 2012

BluMetric Environmental Inc. (formerly known as OEL-Hydrosys) and Enerdu Power Systems Inc. are presently revising the Draft Environmental Report (ER) for the proposed Enerdu Generating Station expansion.  While there is no formal requirement for an inspection of the Draft ER in the Waterpower Class EA, this document was circulated to key agencies in order to facilitate an efficient regulatory review of the Final ER document which will be subject to a formal 30 day review by both regulators and the public at large.

The revisions to the ER are based on comments received from regulators on the Draft ER and information gathered during public consultation events hosted by the proponent on September 26, 2011 and February 7, 2012 and through on-going correspondence with agencies, the public and other interested groups. Additionally, a community meeting organized by community members on April 11, 2012 provided a valuable exchange of information between the community and the proponent.  Opinions expressed at the meeting revealed that the preferred option for local residents and interest groups is to construct the new weir on the footprint of the existing weir.  The proponent acknowledges the community’s preference and is in the process of redesigning the weir to align with the community preferred orientation while the project biologist completes an impact assessment of the re-aligned weir.

The revised conceptual site drawings, biological impact assessment and engineering summary will form part of the Final Environmental Report.  The construction schedule has also been revised to allow consideration for community festivals, scheduled events and civic holidays to minimize disruptions to local businesses.  The proponent trusts that the community recognizes that the revision effort requires some time.  It is hoped that the revisions will be ready for release as the Final Environmental Report within a few months at which time a Notice of Completion will be advertised announcing its release.  The Notice will be distributed through a direct mail campaign to riparian landowners, and members of the public that have requested to be added to the project mailing list. The Notice will be advertised in the local EMC and The Humm newspapers and on the BluMetric website to inform the community at large of the release of the Report.  The Notice will also be provided to the organizers of the April 2012 community meeting for internal distribution since this contact list although requested, was not provided to the proponent. The Notice of Completion will include information on public viewing locations for document and details on the duration of the formal review, typically a 30 day process in accordance with the Waterpower Class EA.  The Notice will identify the process for registering project comments and concerns with the proponent and other parties. The purpose of the formal review is to facilitate a process by which the proponent can work to resolve any outstanding concerns raised.

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